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1. Choose a SUBJECT or a BIBLE STORY or a CERTAIN RADIO DATE and we can download it to you free in Mp3 format.
2. CD’s of our radio lessons will be sent for $3.00 each which includes postage and which can be used with any CD player.
3. CD’s of the entire Bible (over 400 lessons) from our radio broadcast – $150.00 including postage. These will be in Wav. format which can be used with any CD player
4. We can also send copies of Mrs. Nancy’s radio question time. These questions can be used with your church boys & girls or even in your family. These can be e-mailed free in MP3 format, or CD’s can be sent for $3.00 per CD (this includes postage and is in Wav format which can be played on any CD player.)

To Make An Order:
E-mail us at [email protected]
Call us at 864-271-3060 8AM to 9PM EST.